Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gardening On The Cheap

If you'd like to grow herbs or other small plants on your window sill, but don't want to visit the store to purchase plant pots, you can make your own from something you probably have in your house or apartment right now, a two liter plastic bottle.

The illustration is very straightforward, but here are a couple of things I did that you won't see on the diagram. First of all, after thoroughly rinsing the plastic bottle, I filled it with water, screwed on the cap and put it upright in the freezer overnight. Don't fill the bottle all the way to the top. Water expands as it turns to ice so leave room for that expansion. If you don't, the bottle may burst and be of no use as a container.

It is much easier to cut the bottle with a craft knife and drill holes in it with a power tool or screwdriver when it is full of a substance that keeps the plastic from flexing and stretching. You may have to wait a bit for the ice to melt in order to separate the bottle after cutting it, but it shouldn't be too long. Just leave it in a sink for a while.

And I obtained my wicking fabric for FREE through a sample offer I found on the Internet. You may not be as fortunate, but it's worth a try. Local garden stores and hobby shops would also be good places to look for this kind of fabric.

I have grown basil, chives and cilantro using this arrangement. It is one of the thriftiest and best ways of keeping a small indoor garden that I've ever found.

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