Monday, October 31, 2016


Normally at this time of year discussions about anything orange in the garden would center around pumpkins, winter squash and particularly hardy chrysanthemums. But this growing season is ending as strangely as it began. 

Just as winter didn't seem to want to move on and allow spring to take its place, now summer seems reluctant to make way for autumn. We usually have our first hard frost well before now. And there were times during my formative years when trick or treat treks took place in heavy coats and boots through inches of snow, but not this year. It will be cool and dry for the candy goblins tonight. And tomorrow's weather should be sunny with high temperatures in the mid 70's.

I'm not complaining about Jack Frost's delayed arrival. I'm overjoyed that he is late because it's given my Bulgarian Carrot Pepper time to mature and show its true colors. I planted it late and it takes a while to grow, but it seems that the odds were ever in my favor. Just a few more days of mild weather and I'll have the chance to see how it tastes.

That's all for now.


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