Friday, July 19, 2013

Never Refuse To Reuse Refuse!

My instincts towards thrift often lead me to a local hardware store where there is a section devoted to items which have arrived in less than pristine condition and are for sale at discounted(sometimes deeply) prices. When I saw this damaged waste paper basket, I knew it would make a perfect home for a Tiny Tom tomato plant. And at only 25 cents, how could I refuse to purchase it?

Tiny Tom is one of the increasing number and variety of cultivars that has been specifically developed for growing in containers. I could have spent more money on a really nice ceramic pot or a fancy plastic one. But all this busted up dustbin needed was a liner to cover the holes. A standard plastic grocery bag with a couple of holes punched in the bottom fit the bill. And some good potting soil mixed with homemade compost completed the picture.

As you can see the tomatoes are coming in just fine and will soon be ready to do their part in a salad or for guilt free snacking. Reuse of refuse not only helps the planet, it can be delicious too.

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