Saturday, September 15, 2012

3000 Years And Still Going Strong

That number is no typo. Humans started cultivating and domesticating cabbages from the wild somewhere around 1000 B.C. And they have been hooked ever since. I haven't reached my first millenium of experience growing them yet, and I have only grown them in containers; but I can certainly say they are worth the modest effort I have to put forth for them. They are a cool weather crop that loves the spring and fall of NWI. And cabbages are like goldfish. They grow to the size of the space available to them. I just harvested a cabbage grown in one the smallest containers I've ever used, about one gallon. The head was the size of a large fist,  but when sliced it provided more than enough for a nice pot of cabbage and sausage soup. The old proveb is certainly true, "Big things come in small packages." And often tasty things do as well.

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